Plant Delivery Working with Supervisor Service...
TANIŞ A.Ş. provides supervisor service all over the world in line with customer demands.When the machines reach the project point without any problems after the packing and shipment process, the assembly team moves to the region.Supervizor team, TANIŞ A.Ş. It consists of well-trained engineers and technical staff who have gained experience in many parts of the world, have a good command of the regional language, have professional technical knowledge and equipment.
The assembly team is selected in accordance with the region and conditions of the project installation.
Supervisor team, during the project installation phase; It creates daily reports by following the machine installations from the first day to the last day of the project.
During the assembly, the customers are given detailed training and the necessary information is provided.
The committed capacity and quality level are determined and tested on site.
When the data emerging from the test shows the delivery stage; the facility is delivered ready for the production stage in accordance with the customer demands.
The facility continues to operate in a safe and healthy manner thanks to the training and information works provided to the customer technical team after the project has been concretely established and the works have been delivered.
TANIŞ A.Ş. delivers the machine manuals prepared in multiple choice languages as technical guiding materials to the technical team.
In addition, the facility provides operator service after installation according to the location and project specifications according to the demands.