Full Support in Products and Services...
TANIŞ A.Ş. operates with a focus on trust and customer satisfaction.
It successfully completes each stage from project design, automation, production, packaging-shipment, assembly-operation and training thanks to its professional methods and delivers turnkey to the customer. After all these steps, TANIŞ A.Ş. After Sales Support Service is also provided.
It always supports its customers and products with its after-sales support service for each machine it produces and the facility it installs.
The basic rule in after-sales technical service maintenance is fast and solution oriented.
For every facility and installation that we are a solution partner, in every region and city of the world; Thanks to the speed of the technical support service, customer satisfaction is always provided.
TANIŞ A.Ş. aims to carry its commercial relations with its customers with mutual solidarity, trust and respect to the future within the framework of common principles and ideals.